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Argonian's Revenge
Chapter 1: Beginning of a Horrible Life

     South of the city of Thorn in the swamps of Black Marsh of Tamriel an argonian tribe is      celebrating the youngest of the tribe's hatchday. His name is Cog-rein, a 8 year old argonian going on 9. His parents just brought in a nice large uberhulk larva carcass to cook over the

  His mother walked over to him and stroked his dorsal ridge and smiled. Cog-rein smiled
back. “Happy hatchday my son” she says as she continues to smile to her child. Cog-rein
            inched towards his uberhulk prize. Several tribe elders noticed one of the scouts running
towards the huts. Cog-rein didn't notice as his mouth watered for his hatchday present.

  Soon almost all the tribe's adults were in a group talking in argonian dialect. Now Cog-rein
noticed and waddled over to his parents. “Whats happening father?”. Cog-rein's father patted
his son's head and ignored him. Cog-rein frowned as he turned around as dunmer on horses
other creatures appeared. They pointed their swords at the tribe as Cog-rein fled back into the crowd.

  The dunmer slavers soon started to burn the huts with torches. The argonian elders attacked
the slavers with whatever they had, their bear claws to daggers scouts collected through out
the marsh. But the dunmer just were too much. As Cog-rein  witnessed his parents get stabbed
through their heart. He tried to hide but a hound smelt him out. The slavers slapped cuffs on
Cog-rein. To rebel Cog-rein cried and screamed as much as he could. The dunmer carrying
him smacked him on the head knocking him out cold.

  Groggy but awake, Cog-rein was still cuffed and now gagged so he couldn't scream. The
slaver convoy was now in a new area that was alien to the young argonian. As Cog-rein gained
consciousness he noticed more and more dark elves littering the roads the convoy was
traveling. Looking back he saw some of his childhood friends hanging off the other horses.
The dunmer noticed that his package was awake and quickly knocked Cog-rein out once more.

  Cog-rein dreamed of eating his uberhulk larva as each bite was so savory and his friends
smiling at him he just thought the terrible kidnapping was the true dream. But soon red eyes littered the bog. His family surrounded him as the eyes soon emerged as  the dunmer that
captured him. He relived the terrifying moments again and again.

  “Wakey wakey enwah” the enthralling voice said. Cog-rein moaned as he finally awoke from his nightmare to meet his new one. 2 slaps to his face finally jump started him. The dunmer's face was made of yellow clay it seemed. “Wake up you disgrace for a slave!” he screamed in Cog's face. He grabbed Cog-rein by his tail and threw him off of the horse.

  Unable to get up but still struggling to do so in fear of being killed. The slaver frustrated walked over and kicked the child until Cog-rein began to choke on the gag from being unable to cry. He picked up Cog-rein and kneed him in the butt to make him follow the slave line.

   Cog-rein began to see a large house surrounded by unusually large fungus. They were        
             placed inside cells within the building. “Tomorrow you little runts will meet your masters”
the guard said as he blew out the light and slammed the door. The next 10 minutes were utter
silence. Then the children began to weep and cry. Cog-rein listened as his fellow friends cried for their parents.

  They all got a hold of themselves as they wiped their eyes from tears. Soon a voice came from the cell next to Cog-rein's in argonian language. “ Hey is there anyone here from the    Quick-as-Water tribe in here?” the young argonian asked. Another voice responded from the opposite side of the room. “No but my tribe was friends with yours.” Cog-rein was tired from his ordeal.

  Cog-rein awoke to the sunlight from the barred window from the other side of the room.
The other children were eating soup of some kind as Cog-rein looked down to see he had
one of his own. It smelt of fungus and rotten cheese. And no doubt tasted like it, and so
Cog-rein refused to eat it.

  The door opened up as the guard invited 3 well dressed dark elves into the room. They
all looked important. All seemed to be rivals of one another as well. Terrified Cog-rein was
the first to stand without being ordered. The others followed as all three walked up and
down the room looking at all of them.

  Until one of the dunmer in a blue and gold clothing stood in front of Cog-rein's cell
and pointed at Cog-rein. “This one, tell me about this child.” the dark elf asked. Cog-rein
took a step back and whimpered. The guard stood next to the man. “Well hes a fresh one,
just came in last night, strong, tall and resilient. Probably will be able to take a few whips
or blows.”

  The blue and gold dunmer placed his hand around his chin. “Hmmmm..... I'll take him for
around 500 gold pieces!” He said. The guard turned to him face to face and for a few seconds there was silence. “DEAL!” the guard shouts startling Cog-rein. The guard opens the cell and
snatches Cog-rein by the neck and yanked him out and slapped cuffs on him again. The guard
grabs Cog's cheeks and speaks to him “Well argonian meet your master for the rest of your
pathetic existence the nine call your life.... Lord Alervu.”

  Lord Alervu signaled the guard with a head gesture. Cog-rein tilted his head in confusion.
Soon the guard held Cog-rein in place as the argonian struggled. Alervu stepped back and
swung a fist uppercutting Cog-rein in the jaw knocking Cog and some of his teeth straight out.
Where ever Cog-rein was going it was going to be a prison.
If some of you haven't noticed I've been rewriting Silvac's and My story of our argonians.
rivet52 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
that argonian should kill that asswipe
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interesting story. I like it. there's not much on argonians here on DA, so thanks.
max7238 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010   Writer
Why is there so little on dA about Argonians???
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