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December 23, 2010
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DA: Day And Night Colored by Guyver89 DA: Day And Night Colored by Guyver89
:iconsweetcandyrain: is the artist of this piece I just colored it. So if you want to favorite it and add the views go to the original here-----

Anyways I believe I've just made my own species of lilium flower.

Song- [link]

2 Months, 2 months of not seeing that smile. 2 months of having a life of her absent. These months seemed the longest in his life. He loathed the past 2 months. The emptiness he had before they met returned. That loneliness that accompanied him through out his life. But he understood the customs of The Chantry.
He knew the 2 months would test his and her resolve. Maybe it would ignite the love between them even more when that moment finally came, Just maybe. So he didn't question the past 2 months. He was just glad they had finally gone by. He did enjoy them, With his friends through out the city; More specifically Anders. Who knew a Mage could hold his liquor so long? Cogdale chuckled thinking about the nights Anders and his hostage self got up on the tavern tables and danced. That was until some Templars recognized the mage.
Dashing through the city with 3 or 4 Templars chasing tail was a new experience Cogdale wouldn't forget. Anders by that time had escaped The Chantry nearly a dozen times. So finding a way out was quick and painless. For Anders anyways.

Cogdale's thoughts were cut short as the door to his section of the Chantry slid open; not very common for most chantries.
"Hello friend." A voice said. He turned to see The King himself in the room. "Alistair?" Cogdale whispered not wanting anyone outside the room to hear. "It's good to see you again Cogdale." Alistair said. He was wearing his royal clothing. Which seemed to be sown with pure gold. Which of course matched his amber gold hair. He had let his beard grow out. It was an oddity to see.

"I... I thought I'd never see you again after.... Amaranthine." Cogdale hiccuped. "No, no Cog." Alistair interrupted. "It was my fault, I still was thinking she wasn't the one for you." He said crossing his arms. He always did cross his arms when he was nervous or didn't feel secure. "Back then I forgot our friendship. I threw it away for the kingdom and the Grey Wardens." Alistair walked over to Cogdale and sat in a chair close by. "I apologize for that."
The pause gave Cogdale to notice the fire in the fireplaces was about to wither away. He got up and picked up a log that sat on the adjacent wall to the fireplace and tossed it into the fire. Bringing life back into the blaze. "How did you get here though." Cogdale asked turning to Alistair. But his friend wasn't there. "Alistair?" Cogdale shouted out checking the hallway to see if his fellow warden was treading through them.
He couldn't find Alistair anywhere. "What just happened?" Cogdale said to himself. He looked around the whole room. Still Alistair was nowhere to be found.

But he couldn't let that occurrence or whatever he just endured delay him from the moment that was soon to happen. He returned to the mirror that was on the wall parallel from the door and tried fixing his collar. This outfit was entirely new to him. The clothing seemed foreign. Yet it also felt more expensive then anything he'd worn before. The dark blue coat hid his white shirt. While the coat was highlighted with straps and buttons made with the finest sovereign coins. The collar of the coat was a strong violet. It was extenuated by the gold lining even more out of the suit.
The lay sisters had done an amazing job with finding and setting up his wardrobe. He reviewed himself over and over to see if he could anything off. He was finished. Usually sighs of relief bring... relief. But once he sighed a blanket of anxiety surged over him. This would be the first time Cogdale would see Leliana in over 2 months. *What if she has cold feet?* he thought to himself. *What if all those times I went out with Anders I did something she might come to hold me accountable for and somehow end the wedding?* He drastically went from confident and eager to horrified and nervous.

He turned to what he'd be accompanying his life with in the marriage. A rather odd explanation for just a additional gift to give their loved one when on the altar. During his travels of Orlais he found a beautiful and rare looking Lily flower he'd never seen before. He took a few from the Empress's many galleria gardens that were through out Val Royeaux.
The people of Val Royeaux called it "Le Soleil de Ruby" or in King's Tongue "The Ruby Sun." It couldn't have been a coincidence that the lily species was named that. It was a sign from The Maker that the flower was her. So he collected a few of them and tried his best to keep them alive for this day.

A knock on the door startled him. "Come in" letting the visitor know he was decent enough for their eyes. "Uhh sir the ceremony is about to begin. I suggest you head out soon." The elf servant said as she gave him a second glance smiling. He took a deep breath. Letting all the time that led up to this day rush into his heart to power him. He peered into the mirror once again and stared himself in the eyes. Trying to see if there was any slight sign of doubt or hesitation in his eyes or breath.

Nothing appeared. He lifted himself out of his seat and wiped his brow of sweat. Leaving the room the sound of music was faint in the hall. Several orlesian knights stood in the hall, not moving a muscle. Cogdale nodded to them only guessing they were some how smiling at him behind those masks. The hallway led him to a door that released him to a warm and beautiful summer morning outside of the chantry. The Revered Mother stood there as she said a chant from the chant of light. Cogdale couldn’t hear which verse but it must have been with something dealing with unification or something along those lines. From the sound of the attendees the invited crowd was pretty large.

Most of them probably friends of the Couslands and or someone that Cogdale and the others helped while dealing with the blight. While the most important, their friends who fought along side then all stood in the front row. Cogdale leaned to get a better look at his friends who he hadn’t seen in a year or more. The first one he saw was Ohgren. Of course the dwarf looked the same as ever. He even looked less plastered then usual which was very pleasant and nice of him to do. Wynne wore her new robes proudly. She had her hair cut short, something very reminiscent of Leliana. Some how it did fit her though. Shale was in the back of the Chantry. He hadn’t seen her since she was thrown off Fort Drakon. Of course the rock hadn’t changed other then a large chip in the crystals on her left shoulder. Anders stood next to Ohgren although trying to not let his robes touch the dwarf’s yeast smelling beard. He had cleaned himself up. His mage robes seemed to change color and his light beard had been shaven off. Alistair was also in the row. He was wearing his golden armor though instead of what Cogdale saw him in earlier. Ehmric the young dwarf that they found on the way to Orlais was in the other row sitting next to Jauffre both still in their armor. Although Jauffre did his best to hide his scars on his chin.
After a minute of searching Cogdale found Mania on the roof of the Chantry standing on his toes. The demon wouldn’t understand what was going on so Cogdale ignored the crimson armored sludge ball.
He approached the altar. The Revered Mother greeted him with a smile and a hug. Looking at the crowd Cogdale had a little onset of stage fright. Seeing his friends reassure him with signs of reinforcement distracted him from the people he didn’t know. The music stopped playing for a while as the respecting members of his choice would go up and stand next to him. Although all of his family was gone so he had to choose his 3. Knowing he couldn’t throw his voice that well he pointed to Anders, Alistair and Ohgren. They made their own path up and chose which spots they wanted to stand behind Cogdale. Alistair was right behind him with Anders and Ohgren following in that order.

“Good going buddy!” Anders said giving a thumbs up. Cogdale veered over to Alistair who put his hand on Cogdale’s shoulder and smiled. “You were there for mine, I’m here for yours.” Alistair said spinning Cogdale back facing the Revered Mother. “So what is your soul gift?” Alistair whispered behind him. Cogdale smirked “Just guess.”

“A flower? Cogdale!” Alistair sounded surprised and disappointed at the same time. “Not just a flower.” Cogdale’s smirk grew into the smile he’d have to keep. A flock of doves soon flew over the session as everyone followed them with their eyes. A planned distraction as a special music began playing on the harp and lutes. Cogdale’s heart began to pound faster and faster. He was about to see Leliana again. Flashes of the dreams he had of this moment appeared before him. But the dreams didn’t do what he saw justice. Leliana was there at the other end of the session. Helena in arm about to walk down the isle. Cogdale was trying his best to hold back his tears and the warden mist from his eyes but seeing her after so long and the music playing was too much.

Leliana couldn’t hold back her tears of happiness either. Helena patted Leliana’s arm to get her attention. Helena whispered something to Leliana and they only smiled at each other. Leliana had her vigorous red hair combed back over her ears to show her face. He sky blue dress was just as he pictured it. Cogdale was choking on his own tears. A moan of annoyance came from Ohgren followed by the scheduled burp. Which received a well-deserved Anders kick. As Leliana passed the row that her friends were in Wynne followed behind and then her friend Silas also appeared.
Helena let go of Leliana and made her place parallel to her love Anders as both played eye games with each other. Wynne gave Cogdale a smile and nodded a reassurance that was said to him before at camp years ago. Leliana reached Cogdale’s side they looked at each other with soaring passion. Cogdale’s butterflies began to swirl around in his stomach at full speed. He knew when the time came to speak his vows he couldn’t talk. “We are gathered here today to witness the greatest thing that our beloved Maker has given us.” The Revered mother paused. “Love, a love that sprouted from darkness. Just like the rose in the thorn bush in Lothering.” Leliana giggled hearing that. Cogdale couldn’t help but smile at that also.

“Proof that love is this world’s most powerful thing.” She held out her hand beginning the sacred blessing of joining. “Oh Holy Andraste please grant the already strong love of Cogdale Caenolyn and Leliana of Orlais the blessing of illustrious life!” she said. “Let it flourish, may it never vanish or disappear, this is your sign, the sign that you are in at least one way still with us.”

“Grant them eternal love in which when the time comes you finally accept mankind to the Golden city once more that they remain together even after death.” Finally taking a breath the Mother continued. “Oh Holy Andraste bless them with your soul. Give them life in their embrace with one another.” She slowly floated her hand over Leliana.
“Give Leliana your beauty so Cogdale may fall in love with her everyday just as the Maker did with you.” She then moved her hand over Cogdale. “Give Cogdale your strength, a strength in which he may protect Leliana from all sins of mankind in this world.”

“You may read your vows to one another and then present your soul gift to one another. They turned to one another and held hands. Cogdale cleared his throat, his butterflies already up reaching it.
“Leliana, no written words not in King’s Tongue, Orlesian, Qunari, Elven, or any other language could describe the love I have for you. But I will do my best now, here in my defining moment.” He took a breath to remember his vows. “Leliana, you…. You are the reason I am here. Without you I couldn’t go on.”

“I don’t care if I sound obsessed to these people. Because you are my ruby. You keep my heart beating. I would and will do anything for you my love. When I first saw you in Lothering. My heart skipped several times.” He wiped away the premature tears that were leaking from his eyes. “The years we travelled together I fell in love with you as we spoke every night about the simplest of things to the meaning of why we are here.” Their grip tightened in the moment. “I promise to love you forever, I promise to be here for you forever, I promise to stay with you. No matter what you do or where you go.” He pulled out The Ruby Sun Lily and placed it behind her ear. “This flower is my soul gift to you.” Cogdale leaned in closer to her they couldn’t stop smiling at each other. “This flower represents our love for one another. Just like the sun, our love gives me hope at dawn and solace at dusk.” “Oh! And this I give to you, a new family signet. Our family signet.” He grabbed the necklace from Anders who was keeping it for the moment. The new pendant was made of white gold. The pendant was that of a rose designed with hundreds of crimson rubies the stem was made of emeralds. 2 snakes wrapped themselves around the rose. One snake was made of diamonds and jets while the other, Rubies and sapphires. Dividing the pendant in half behind the rose and snakes was a sword and arrow made of pure dark gold.
Leliana’s jaw dropped as Cogdale put the necklace on her.
Cogdale approached her “ma'arlath” he said. It was elven for “I love you.” Leliana took out her soul gift a writing pen. But the pen was glowing with strange elven scriptures on it. “This pen is my soul gift to you.” She said. “The pen represents our love for one another. For what I wished for came true. I have found a love that is just like that of Alindra’s and forever will people listen to our story for hope of love and romance.” Leliana said placing the pen in his hand.

“I promise Cogdale to love you forever with all my soul, my life and breath. I promise to be with you forever. When you are sick and ill I shall be there at your side. When you go to fight, I will be there at your side to the end. And I promise when you pass on I shall leave with you.” Leliana kept herself from kissing him, as it wasn’t the moment yet. “The words are what I mean but at the same time they don’t feel like they are describing this emotion enough that I have for you.” “So.. I love you... I would give up my voice, my body to know that my soul would be with you forever.” After a few seconds of silence the congregation cheered and clapped as Cogdale and Leliana locked lips.


The real chapter with the wedding in it will probably be different but this story was a bit rushed if you couldn't tell so bare with me.
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SweetCandyRain Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg.. i'm sorry for writing so many comments to u.. but i had forgotten that it was a story written to this drawing and now that i read it once again with the music looping i cried so much that i hardly could breath Q~Q it's sooooooooooooo beautiful that i can't think straight.. ur just so freaking good at writing.. and i just have to say (if i havn't already said that..) that i love how anders is in this story, i can't help but smile when i read about him dancing at the tavern tables and him being say goofy and just.. the anders i "fell in love with".. even that makes me cry bacause DA 2 makes me so unhappy when i see how anders is.. this, THIS is how anders should be.. funny, happy, goofy and just... be himself, as he was suposed to be! i can totaly imagine anders and cogdales nights at the tavern.. i can only imagine how fun they must have had.. especially because cogdale is a calm dude while anders is "highfly" so they probebly make good friends^^ and then how helena helps Leliana to get ready for the wedding.. awww it's jst beautiful! <333333 when i read this i get even more excited abut the coming chapters.. and i can't wait till the part when they drive justice out of anders body so that he can be himself again TToTT

and sorry again for writing to u so much.. ^^"
Guyver89 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No problem, keep writing it gives me a smile :D

Yeah the actual wedding part might be totally different in the circumstances that lead up to it. But I'll try and keep the years leading up the the wedding safe enough that it doesn't change most of the wedding. They might be significantly older though but that shouldn't change people's characters.
SweetCandyRain Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
good XD
well i can understand that, otherwise it would also hve been kinda weird to read a chapter so far into the story, but if u change it a little it will be understandenleblublue...(i can't freaking spell today -.-U )but what i was trying to say is that i love the wedding story and the characters^^
Guyver89 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
All based on what I think I would feel during a wedding heh. I'm probably going to have to rewrite the entire story when I'm in my 80s so I can base it off my experience in life XD
SweetCandyRain Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
woow that will take u a million years to finsih if u rewrite the whole story o.o but i won't stop u XD
Guyver89 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I'll be a mean grandpa and have my grandchildren write it out for me muhahaha!
SweetCandyRain Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hahaha XD sounds good :'D
Guyver89 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
For me? yes. For my Grandchildren? not so much >:)
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orlando11 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Student
Thats amazing!!! Amazing job!!
silverfang200 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2011
male comment: You almost made me cry....
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